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The Birubi team is headed by David Liddiard OAM and made up of Aboriginal and non Aboriginal industry partners who have each worked in the civil construction, building and property management services and trades for over 30 years.

Birubi offers a core team of professionals from a diverse range of industry areas, combining their skills, experiences and work history in delivering on time, within budget across remote, regional and urban areas of Australia.

Our capability:

  • Civil work, including roads, earthworks and site preparation;
  • Building construction, housing, maintenance and repair services including: carpentry, glass, locks, roof repairs, replacements and installation;
  • Asbestos inspection and hazardous material removal;
  • Local workforce development and local project management


  • Temporary building & site establishment
  • Heritage surveys
  • Tree removal
  • Fencing
  • Environmental surveys
  • Cultural Heritage records & surveys


  • Building Demolition
  • Waste removal
  • Site Remediation
  • Hazardous materials disposal
  • Asbestos inspection & testing
  • Asbestos air monitoring
  • Asbestos removal

Civil Works

  • Detailed Earthworks
  • Concrete culverts & foundations
  • Earthmoving
  • Digging & trenching
  • Concreting kerbs & footpaths
  • Stormwater & sewerage
  • Landscaping & paving


  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Roofing & Guttering
  • Fit outs

Our projects encourage community participation and maximise opportunities for Indigenous Australians. We actively seek opportunities for Aboriginal people to be employed on large, local projects wherever we deliver them and support the growth of local Aboriginal businesses and assist them to seek procurement opportunities.

Our projects have achieved targets of 90% local Indigenous employment.

Cultana Roads

Birubi Australia - Cultana
Birubi Australia - Cultana
Birubi Australia - Cultana
  • Location: Cultana
  • Client: Department of Defence
  • Birubi Team:: Roads and Training Tracks

Info coming soon.

Hansen Yuncken Stormwater

Birubi Australia
Birubi Australia
Birubi Australia
  • Location: RAAF Edinburgh
  • Client: Department of Defence
  • Birubi Team:: 6 (30% local Aboriginal team)

Birubi undertook this civil works package on JP500 Phase 2 at Edinburgh in late 2017. The scope included cultural monitoring, flora and fauna surveys along with storm water works on this Defence project. In early 2018, paving and landscaping works will begin.

Defence Housing Maintenance

Birubi Australia
Birubi Australia
  • Location: Woomera
  • Client: Broadspectrum
  • Birubi Team:: 11 (100% local Aboriginal team)

The Birubi team completed this project that commenced in December 2016.

In mid 2017, over 200 properties underwent gutter cleaning, with sections of gutter repaired or replaced where necessary. By contract completion, over 800 downpipes were replaced.

Water Storage Tank Remediation

Birubi Australia
Birubi Australia
Birubi Australia
  • Location: Mocalta, SA
  • Client: JMA Engineering
  • Birubi Team:: 5 (90% local Aboriginal team)

Birubi worked on this SA Water project in mid 2017 to remediate a large concrete water tank containing asbestos.

Our trained team completed this project on time and without incident.

Asbestos Removal Project

  • Who it is for: Watts Asbestos - Maralinga
  • Where it is: South Australia
  • Project: Asbestos Removal Project
Birubi has partnered with Watts Asbestos to undertake private asbestos removal jobs in South Australia, and has recently undertaken asbestos removal at Maralinga with Birubi's Aboriginal team.

Asbestos Removal Project

Birubi Australia
  • Who it is for: Department of Defence
  • Where it is: Location - RAAF Woomera, Edinburgh, and Mt. Everard (NT)
  • Project: Asbestos Removal Project - Project value $180,000+

Birubi is currently working on asbestos removal, geofabric placement and fill cover, as well as fencing installation on three sites (Edinburgh, Woomera and Mt Everard in the NT).

Birubi is using a 100% local Aboriginal site team to manage these project elements in conjunction with Watts Asbestos for the asbestos removal element utilising Birubi asbestos trained labour.

Birubi has 19 Aboriginal personnel trained in asbestos handling, including 4 Aboriginal women.

Hangar Maintenance Project

  • Who it is for: Department of Defence
  • Where it is: Location - RAAF Woomera
  • Project: Hangar Maintenance Project - Project value $900,000

Birubi is currently working on a project to undertake essential maintenance repairs on three Hangars on site at Woomera, to bring them to a safe standard for an additional service life of ten years.

The hangars were built in 1948, 1950 and 1951.

Two hangars required original timber vent structures to be replaced with steel structures.

Birubi?s team fabricated the new structures in Pt Augusta and transported them to site.

The main works package involved fixing all sheeting with cyclone protection screws and replacing damaged sheets and building elements.

Birubi is using a 100% local Aboriginal team on site, which includes traditional owners with a peak project crew of 15 Aboriginal workers and staff employed.

Currently there are no incidents reported on site for the crew and the project.

Hangar 1 Rear Wall Replacement

Birubi Australia Pty Ltd Project Overview
Birubi Australia Pty Ltd Project Overview
Birubi Australia Pty Ltd Project Overview
  • Who it is for: Department of Defence
  • Where it is: Location - RAAF Woomera
  • Project: Hangar 1 Rear Wall Replacement - Project value $700,000+

Birubi supplied the site team to project manage and replace the rear wall of Hangar 1 for the Civmec DLG contract.

The original timber structure built in 1948 was termite damaged and presented a safety hazard for the operating base during high wind events and meant the closure of the airfield during high winds.

The hangar is also heritage listed, and meant that heritage values required to be maintained.

The 60m x 13m wall was removed and a new steel structure installed, with all original sheetings and windows reinstalled to ensure heritage values were retained.

Birubi used a team with 75% local Aboriginal workers to successfully complete this project. After selection, each person's skills gaps were assessed relevant to the specific role on the project earmarked for each individual, and training was undertaken to achieve certification in appropriate skills eg scaffolding, first aid, using specific plant and machinery etc. Mentoring throughout the project delivery was provided through the Birubi Indigenous Workforce Mentor.

Relevant project statistics were no LTIs, no MTIs, no environmental incidents, and less than 0.5% waste disposed to landfill.

Waste generation was well below Defence requirements of less than 30% of waste disposed to landfill. Total waste to landfill for this project is below 0.5%. This is an outstanding result.

Tonnage of timber removed was around 8 tonnes. Approximately 50 kgs was sent to landfill as general waste, the rest was salvaged for re-use.

All external sheeting was re-used.

All steel from the demolition (approx. 1.5Tonnes) comprising bracing angles, brackets, pipes, bolts etc was salvaged as scrap steel.

For more information:

Andrea Harms, Director, Phone: 0434 586 747

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